Addressed TCS' Moment of Truth

1989-1996 Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS' Nirmal Jain PhD gives an award to Pradeep Henry, 3 decades ago. Then IEEE published Henry's profile. And JP Abraham, VP Human Resources, TCS wrote, "I was proud to read your profile in the IEEE newsletter March/April 1994."


SITUATION: TCS was India’s #1 IT company but its newest bunch of customers – IBM labs worldwide – expressed total dissatisfaction with TCS’ user manuals and other content (which needed to be good because user interfaces back then were hard to use)
EFFORT: Upgraded TCS’ copyediting group into a technical writing group that improved TCS' software practice

INTRAPRENEURSHIP: Set up a group at TCS Chennai and provided training and content for TCS India-wide.

OUTPUTS: 1. Trained teams. 2. Method integrated into software practice. 3. Training materials. 4. Handbook for practitioners.


CUSTOMER OUTCOMES: Dissatisfied IBM labs praised TCS for high quality user manuals, online Help, and other content

FINANCIAL OUTCOMES: TCS retained its dissatisfied customers

SUCCESS: TCS delivered better customer satisfaction and possibly gained a slight competitive advantage


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