Accelerated Cognizant's Growth through Innovation

PHASE 2: 2002-2007

Inauguration of India's first business process management conference: speaker Mark McGregor (not in pic) and Pradeep Henry's business-centric design team. Pradeep Henry kept Cognizant competitively differentiated for 11 years — by institutionalizing software practice innovations. Used in 450+ projects, these serial innovations delivered new value to customers. The differentiated customer value accelerated Cognizant’s growth from a self-described “promising venture” to a multibillion-dollar firm. Henry was named Wizard of Cognizant.


SITUATION: Software applications developed by Cognizant merely "automated" existing potentially bad business processes. Customer organizations instead wanted their software investments to improve their business.
EFFORT: Set up world's first business-centric design group that innovated Cognizant's software practice

INTRAPRENEURSHIP: Set up a group and evolved it in two phases using two innovations.

INNOVATION 1: Created a business process centric method for user interface design called PCD.

INNOVATION 2: By expanding PCD, created a method (PET) for integral design of software and business. Software development and process innovation were no longer two siloed projects as was the case even at the world's top tech and management consulting firms.

OUTPUTS: 1. Methods. 2. Dozens of projects. 3. Trained team. 4. Customer gallery with experiential marketing.


CUSTOMER OUTCOMES: Customer organizations worldwide were pleasantly surprised to receive business innovation and new levels of business process efficiency — from "software" projects.

FINANCIAL OUTCOMES: Henry's "business-centric technology" approach differentiated Cognizant from all competition and elevated the company's image. Revenues: The new customer value and the elevated corporate image made it easy for Cognizant to win customers and projects. Costs: Free innovations, Free international publicity, Small team.

SUCCESS: Cognizant gained a "higher-league player" image and super fast growth


eWeek Great Minds USA | Align Journal USA | Business Line | The Week | Computer Society of India | Process07 | TD Canada | Forrester USA | Former Cognizant CEO Lakshmi interview in Tamil (translation below)

Transcript in English of former Cognizant CEO Lakshmi Narayanan revealing the one secret to young Cognizant's surge ahead of giant competitors (5:20 to 6:30): "We did one thing differently... There were people who wanted to do something new... people who had the same care, concern, and desire as the company CEO... We recognized such people and empowered them... This is how we competed with giant companies and became bigger than them, faster."