Pushed a Young Cognizant Ahead of Big Competitors


Customer Walt Wikman, VP, CCC Information Services, USA receives Pradeep Henry's book from Cognizant President Lakshmi Narayanan


SITUATION: Cognizant faced competition from giant organizations soon after launch in the mid-90s

INTRAPRENEURSHIP: Set up India's 1st human-centric and world's 1st business-centric Design Groups

SERIAL INNOVATION: Innovated methods that supercharged Cognizant's software practice: (1) Process centric method for UI design (2) Method to blend business & tech

USABILITY TESTING LAB: Set up India's first usability testing lab

OUTPUTS: (1) International brand with hundreds of projects and trained teams (2) Robust methods and usability testing lab (3) Customer gallery with experiential marketing


CUSTOMER OUTCOMES: For the first time, global customers received: (1) Easy-to-use software applications from a vendor in India (2) Measurable business improvements from "software" projects anywhere. Customers: 125+.

FINANCIAL OUTCOMES: Revenues: Kept Cognizant differentiated from competition for 11 years. New customer value and elevated corporate image made it easy for Cognizant to win customers and projects. Costs: Free innovation, free international publicity, & small team. Projects: 450+.

SUCCESS: Cognizant stormed ahead of giant competitors to become a multi-billion dollar public company


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Transcript in English of former Cognizant CEO Lakshmi Narayanan revealing the one secret to young Cognizant's surge ahead of giant competitors (5:20 to 6:30): "We did one thing differently... There were people who wanted to do something new... people who had the same care, concern, and desire as the company CEO... We recognized such people and empowered them... This is how we competed with giant companies and became bigger than them, faster."

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